Eco Council

What is Eco Council?

Eco Council is a group of pupils who meet each month to discuss eco friendly and environmental issues within school which prepares children to live their future lives with consideration for global issues. There are councillors from each class in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2.

Why do we have an Eco Council? 

-To ensure our school is eco-friendly and prepares pupils to live with reflection of the environment.

-To make sure each class has a platform to voice their opinions.

-To discuss and raise issues related to the environment.

How do I become an Eco Councillor?

At the beginning of each year, pupils can apply to become an Eco Councillor. Pupils complete an application form and teachers choose the successful applicants. We also base our decision on the actions of pupils who have helped with previous initiatives or are a strong ambassador in and out of school.

What happens in the meetings?

We begin each year by completing an environmental review to find out our schools successes and areas for improvement. We then use this to create an action plan for the upcoming year. Throughout the year each Eco Councillor meets with their class to discuss ideas about changes and improvements to the school. The issues are then raised in meetings and Eco Councillors discuss how to move forward with these ideas.

Our Class representatives for the 2023-2024 year are:
Swans Class - Ellie
Owls Class - Poppy, Arthur, Skyla, Daisy, Jess, George, George, Anastasia & Lacey
Robins Class -  Izzy & Sienna
Larks Class - Daisy, Valentina