Bury Schools Partnership

The BSP is a group of schools within Bury St Edmunds who, as partners, are dedicated to ensuring that children are given the best possible education. This means that we have a pool of educational excellence where we can share:

  • Good practice and innovative ideas
  • Resources and facilities ensuring all children have access to the equipment they need
  • Our experiences to help us learn and develop in order to give pupils the best we can.

There are a number of initiatives run by the partnership such as:

  • Choir performances at public venues
  • Local sports tournaments
  • Creative and performing arts programmes
  • Literacy projects and maths challenges/competitions
  • Science and Physics competitions

All schools within the BSP work closely together and share knowledge. This means our pupils will have access to and become familiar with the local secondary school sites and teachers. Forging these relationships means we can be confident that the wellbeing and academic history of all our pupils will be continued and passed on.