Woodpeckers Learning 2017/2018

Science Olympiad
In October, 5 girls from Woodpeckers took part in a Science Olympiad at Old Buckenham Hall School.  They had a fun packed day doing Science, Technology and Maths activities and, and came away with a prize each for winning the powered buggy challenge.  Well done girls!
Moyse's Hall Museum
In the Spring, we went to Moyse's Hall Museum in Bury to learn more about life in the 17th Century.  We enjoyed a series of great activities with our guides, including real artefacts and recreated smells to do with jobs of the era, battle wear, executions, the Great Fire of Bury and the Plague.  What a fun day out!
World Book Day
To celebrate World Book Day, we all came to school dressed as a character from our favourite book.  We spent part of the day discussing what we love about the book and about reading in general, and also held a Collective Worship to show off our outfits to the rest of the school.
Debating in Year 5
As part of our Topic on the ancient Mayan civilisation, we have been discussing the rights and wrongs of their practice of ritual human sacrifice to try and keep the Gods happy.  We prepared and held a debate in English lessons and all had to observe the rules of good debating, talking from one of 2 opposing viewpoints.  Just like in the Houses of Parliament!
Space Topic
In Science and DT, and as part of our Space Topic, we made powered vehicles with motors, a chassis, axles, pulleys for the drive chain and our own design of bodywork.  The children thought about design features which would be best suited to travelling on the moon's surface.  At the end, we had a race across the classroom to test them all out.
Transition Visits
Year 5 have been really enjoying a series of transition events at Sybil Andrews Academy to get to know the 'big school' and benefit from their expertise and facilities.  So far we have done Drama and Art, and Design and Technology, and are looking forward to the upcoming ones in Science and then PE.