Wibble Wobble Wonderful

1st June 2017
Woodpeckers have just won the Jelly Tower Challenge at the Suffolk Show. They have won £500 for our school, to be spent on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) equipment.
Well done to the team who represented our school so well, and to all of Woodpeckers class for superb scientific method working out what was the strongest medium for the jelly.
Mr Sharp Says...
"Team Jelly" have impressed everyone with their Science knowledge and interest in the jelly tower challenge.  All of Woodpeckers class got involved with some experiments to help us make decisions about how to build the tower.  The results told us that couscous was the best thing to add to a jelly mix because it swells up and makes really solid 'bricks'.  The team members did some extra homework to make the workbook as good as possible and explain our experiments, and then the whole class made lots of jelly bricks ready to take to the Suffolk Show for the competition.  
On the day, the team had a great time and showed everyone how well prepared they were and how much they had learnt.  They won the competition with a construction more than 3 times the size of the next biggest tower.  I was so proud of them and they represented the school wonderfully well with their team spirit and positive attitude. 
Thank you, too, to the team parents who gave the team lots of extra support and got quite into the challenge as well!