Trip to Colchester Castle - Years 3 & 4

6th June 2017
On 6 June, Kingfishers and Owls made a trip to Colchester Castle.  Here's a review by one of our Owls.
Photos to come

Essie Shipperley says...

"It was great!

First of all, we all marched ourselves to our BIG coach and loaded on. Once we were on the bus it took us about an hour to get there.

When we arrived, we got off and bus and walked to the enormous castle. A man, called Steven, talked to us about the rules and what we would be doing. After that, we split into groups to start our activities. It was great looking around the museum!

After that, we had lunch. It was tasty! Next, we went to the gift shop where we got to spend our money.

Before we went home, we went back in time, down in the foundations of the temple, it was really cold down there. A really nice lady told us all about the Roman Army and about the Celts. I learnt lots of facts.

The day was awesome, I would definitely go again. It was fun and now I know loads more about the Romans."