Swans Learning 2017-2018

Round and Round
In the second half of the Spring Term, our topic project for 'Round and Round' was to research an animal's life cycle, and duration of different stages of it's life span. Again, the children were able to choose how to present their findings. 
This project resulted in even more imaginative and informative ways of presenting their work. Grace M even put her research to her own version of a well known song. She then sang it and recorded it to share in school. Fantastic work!
We all learnt so much from everyone's finished results. Well done Swans! 
 Out of This World Topic
In DT we made powered vehicles which had to be designed around what would be best suited to travelling on the Moon. We used many different components to assemble the chassis of our buggies and then tested them to evaluate their effectiveness. Finally we had a class showdown, racing our buggies in a knockout competition. I think you'll agree we were all winners however!
Science Olympiad
In October, 5 girls from Woodpeckers took part in a Science Olympiad at Old Buckenham Hall School.  They had a fun packed day doing Science, Technology and Maths activities and, and came away with a prize each for winning the powered buggy challenge.  Well done girls!
February 2018
Moyses Hall Trip
In the Spring term we studied sixteenth century London, in our 'Fever, Fire and Fashion topic. Part of our learning looked at the Great fire of London and the plague. We visited Moyses Hall Museum to find some more about the Great Fire of Bury st Edmunds, Witch hunting, executions, and the plague doctors. There were lots of exciting artefacts for us to interact with. There were even some authentic aromas from that time - smelly, but fun!
Fever, Fire and Fashion
Our Year 6 topic project for 'Fever, Fire and Fashion' was to research a monument or building within London which had been present in the 16th century, and was still there in present day. The children were encouraged to present their findings in different ways, including powerpoints, posters, verbal presentations and written explanations. The results were incredible! 
We were so pleased with the results we held an exhibition for the rest of the school to come and learn from what the children had produced. Great work Swans! We can't wait for the next project's results.
The Great Whelnetham Bake Off
Part of our 'Round and Round' topic was to look at cycles of plants as well as animals. From this, we looked at the part wheat plays in the production of one of our most consumed foods: bread. 
After looking at how bread is produced, and researching different types and origins of bread, we decided to produce our own. The results were delicious. From our first attempt to make and shape rolls, to designing and producing our own customised versions, the smell of fresh bread spread through the Cabin and into the main school. 
Mrs Parkin couldn't resist and joined us to see the results of our labours. She was so impressed she said we'd inspired her to have a go at making her own during the Easter holidays. Happy baking Mrs Parkin! 
Marvelous Mythical Masks
To support our mythical writing in Literacy, Class 6 were given a homework task to create a mythical creature which may possibly have lived in Antarctica (the location of our topic learning: A Voyage of Discovery.
The results were so imaginative I asked the children to create a mask based on their designs. What came into school the following week was amazing! 
Well done Swans. Spectacular work!
Poles Apart
As part of our Poles Apart topic, we studied the famous expedition made by Sir Henry Earnest Shackleton to the Antarctic.  This provided us with the great opportunity to visit the Scott Polar research institute Museum in Cambridge. later in the afternoon, we walked to the Botanical Gardens to do some observational drawing to use in our art lessons. What a beautiful place.