School Development & Improvement Plan

We have identified four top-line priorities for the academic year, informed by outcomes in 2015-16 as well as broader objectives:

  1. To develop consistent assessment practices across the school that inform planning and teaching.
  2. To develop the roles and responsibilities and effectiveness of Senior Leaders (including governors) and Middle Leaders. 
  3. To improve pupils’ progress and therefore raise attainment specifically in:
  •       Reading across the school especially in KS2.
  •       Mathematics in Years 3 and 5.
  •       Writing across KS2.
  •       Progress of pupils in Year 2 that did not make expected progress in Year 1.
  1. To ensure attainment and progress in Year 6 pupils is above the National Average in 2017 and they make an effective transition to the secondary phase of their education.

 As part of the improvement aims, Governors will also develop a more strategic understanding of the school in order to better hold leaders to account.

For a complete copy of the school's Development Plan, please click on the link below.