Robins Learning 2017/18

Some highlights of the year for Robins (Year 2).
Robins needed to write instructions on 'How to make a jam sandwich' so we made them first! Very tasty! This helped us to remember those imperative bossy verbs!
Robins class were incredibly fortunate to experience watching live hatching of some chicks. They closely observed the changes and recorded these changes in their diaries. They learnt how to care for the chicks and had some cuddles too!
In Science Robins have been investigating Materials; in this lesson we sorted the objects into different groups.
In P.E our focus has been gymnastics...we have improved our balancing skills learning different point balances on mats and the apparatus.
Science: We predicted which  materials we could bend, twist, squeeze and stretch first before we tried them! 
'Taking our learning outside'​
'Learning about time - quarter to and quarter past'