Our First Ever Year 6 SATs Completed

19th May 2017

What is it that they say about Swans? They look like they're gliding along effortlessly but underneath the water, their webbed feet are working very hard.

And so it was that our Swans completed the very first Year 6 SATs to be taken at this school. 

Mrs Parkin says...
"I was incredibly proud and impressed with the very mature way in which Year 6 conducted themselves and with the effort they all put in.
A huge thank you to the staff across the school who all helped in some way to support this important week, but especially to Mrs Lockwood and Mrs Dunn for the way in which they prepared the children for these tests.
We are also very grateful to our Year 6 parents for ensuring early nights, full attendance and for their continued support. We received some lovely messages of thanks from some of our parents which we really appreciated.
Thank you all again and well done Swans!