New info: Early Birds Drop-off

17th October 2016

Early Birds Club was introduced back in January 2015 free of charge to give parents a few more options in the morning at drop off time. Numbers of children at the club have grown considerably and we now need to run the club on a slightly more formal basis and one which will enable us to recoup some of the running costs. 

After half term there will be a small charge of 50p per child per day and this is to be paid each morning as children are dropped off. We will also be introducing a booking system so that numbers are more manageable—unfortunately we can only provide 20 places maximum each morning. 

Please remember the other options that are available to you: 

  •  Cygnets Childcare—from 8.10am daily. 
  •  Roadside Drop off to a member of staff—between 8.45-9.05am daily. 

If you wish to book a place at Early Birds, please book with one of the Early Birds Supervisors when you drop off or Mrs Kimber in the school office.