It's Important to Consider Transitions

There are a number of transitions that your child will go through while they’re at school. We work really hard to manage these transitions so that your child feels well supported and knows what to expect when they get to the next stage.

Cygnets Childcare into Reception at Great Whelnetham CEVCP School

We  have a great relationship with the staff at Cygnets and your child will have lots of opportunities to visit and get to know Great Whelnetham School. Our Reception teachers also do regular visits into Cygnets to get to know the children. 

Moving up to the next year

We give the children lots of chances to visit the next year group both individually and as a cohort. Every year, we have a Move Up Morning where they get to experience the work and teaching for the next year. Children always look forward to this because we make the learning fun for them.

End of Year 6 Move Up to ‘Big School’

Perhaps the greatest transition is that from primary into secondary education. We work with secondary schools to give children the chance to experience a ‘day in the life’ of their new school.  But perhaps more importantly, we work across the whole of their time in our Upper Key Stage 2 to ensure they are ready for the challenges and changes that come with this significant move.

The following pages deal with this last transition in more detail.