For information on starting school at Great Whelnetham CEVC Primary School, please visit the Suffolk County Council Admissions website here.

Admissions to our school are the responsibility of the Local Authority. Applications must be made through their offices at:

Admissions Team,
Constantine House,
Constantine Road,
Ipswich, Suffolk

Telephone: 0845 600 0981

Under the Education Act parents can express a preference for any school but parents do not have a right to choose a school. 

Every school serves a specific area called the ‘catchment area’. Children who live permanently in this area and who are joining the school at the normal age of entry are assured of a place as long as the parent nominates the school and applies in writing by the deadline on a form obtainable from the school office.

Parents may nominate up to two schools if they wish, but a place will be allocated at only one school. It is important to understand that it may not be possible to allocate a place at their catchment area school unless it is one of the two schools nominated. If a parent applies for a catchment area place at a school and moves out of the area before the closing date for applications, they must inform the Area Office and they will then be considered as an ‘out-of-catchment area’ applicant. If a place can then be offered, the parent will normally be responsible for providing transport to the school. Details of catchment areas are available from the Pupil Services Team at the Area Education Office.