School Clothing
We have a simple inexpensive uniform and expect all children to wear it. School is a working environment and it is important that children are dressed in an appropriate and practical way. When children wear a uniform it helps to foster a sense of pride in belonging to their school.
The school colours are royal blue, white and grey. In the winter children wear grey trousers, skirts or pinafores, white shirts or blouses, and royal blue school sweatshirts. In the summer girls wear blue gingham dresses and boys wear grey shorts and polo shirts.
PE kit should consist of a white T-shirt, black or navy shorts and trainers in a bag. A spare pair of trainers is optional for outdoor activities. All children need an overall for art and craft activities. An adult’s old T-shirt with a tab for hanging up is perfectly suitable. Swimming kit (including hats for girls) will also be required for years 3 and 4.
All clothing must be named, preferably with sewn-in labels. Finally we ask that trainers are NOT worn for school, although children are allowed to wear them for playing games at playtime if they wish. We also ask that children have a pair of named Wellington boots that can be left at school. These may be used for gardening and also during playtimes when it has been wet.
All uniform can be purchased from Brigade Clothing Ltd, our uniform supplier. Please visit their website at www.brigade.uk.com
Orders placed with Brigade are delivered to the school free of charge twice a month. Home delivery is also an option for a small charge.