Sport Relief 2020

On Friday 13th March the whole school 'got active' in support of Sports Relief.
Each class participated in circuit training, daily mile and a hula hoop competition. We focused our teaching that day around why exercise is so important, how we can stay healthy and what a balanced diet means. 
It was wonderful to witness the children's perseverance skills in the circuits and certificates were awarded for demonstrating 'best effort' 
The hula hoop competition proved  to be very competitive. On the build up to Sports Relief Day children improved immensely and even practiced during their break times! Medals were awarded to the class Hula Hoop champion as follows: 
Lacey Larks
Frankie Robins
Maisy Kingfishers 
Casey Owls
Roan Swans
All the winners showed off their Hula Hooping skills in collective worship and Casey was most definitely declared School Champion.
We raised a total of £210 so a huge thank you to all parents who helped to support this amazing cause!