Kingfishers Rendlesham Forest Visit

I have just returned from a day trip to Rendlesham Forest with our Year 3 pupils. As part of their topic on the Stone Age, the children were able to apply their learning to a real life context which really brought the subject alive for them. They built shelters using only natural materials they found around them. This encouraged team work and addressing the problem of how to make them water proof, especially as they ate their lunch in them and it started raining! Our guide from Suffolk Wildlife Trust commented in an email afterwards:

‘Thank you so much for a wonderful day today, I really was impressed with the children, their knowledge, team work and ability. And most of all their approach to be outdoors in the cold and rain - they really did the school proud.’

A very well done to our Year 3s, they have made us very proud of them.

Ms I Wallis

Head of School