Destination Space Show & Workshop

The whole of Key Stage 2 had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a show and workshop run by Cambridge Science Centre this December.  The theme was 'Destination Space' and linked perfectly with Swans' topic of 'To The Stars' this half term. 
The show included a leaf-blower hover-board which demonstrated how a lack of friction allows a 'floating' motion, as well as children trying to run against a bungee cord to show how astronauts need to be tethered down to exercise in space.
After the show, Years 5 and 6 took part in 2 investigations with the team of experts.  They had to give clear instructions to a partner who was at the controls of a robotic arm to try and pick up a model alien.  This gave them insights into how construction and repairs are done on the International Space Station. 
The class then tested various materials to see which would be best for absorbing liquids in space to stop them floating away.  The conclusion to this part was that nappy powder was best, and we learnt that space suits do actually contain nappies!