Christingle Service December 2019

Christingle Service         3rd December 2019

We made Christingles with Reverend Parsons and Open the Book volunteers from the benefice.

 We learnt that:

 Christingle means ‘Christ’s Light’ and it is a symbol of the Christian faith.

Christingles are made up of different parts, each one being there to remind us of something.


  • The orange represents the world.
  • The candle reminds Christians of Jesus who they believe to be the light of the world.
  • The red ribbon goes all round the 'world' and being the colour of blood, reminds Christians that Jesus died.
  • The four cocktail sticks could have either of two meanings; the four seasons or the four corners of the world.
  • The sweets (or sometimes dried fruit) remind Christians of God's gifts to the world including kindness and love.
  • The foil is only there to catch waxy drips from the candle.